Estudio Lamela
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Estudio Lamela

Estudio Lamela

Architects from Avda Arroyo del Santo, 4, Madrid, Spain
Estudio Lamela is one of the largest Spanish architectural firms, having an impressive past of over 55 years of extensive professional experience encompassing more than 1600 projects.

It offers design services for housing, offices, transportation facilities, sports complexes, retail and urban projects. From offices in Madrid, Warsaw and México currently the company is staffed by a flexible and dynamic team of more than 70 professionals with different cultural backgrounds who are committed to the development of major projects and an ongoing search for innovative techniques, with the objective of achieving avant-garde results and high architectural quality. Additionally, the firm relies on the collaboration of appropriate specialists for each project and phase in the fields of structures, special and conventional services, environmental support, landscaping, health and safety, etc. Recently, Estudio Lamela has joined AIDHOS Arquitects in order to undertake hospital and healthcare-related projects on a global level.

The result of the collaboration with other prestigious professionals is the New Terminal Area at Madrid-Barajas Airport, one of the most ambitious projects in Europe, which was inaugurated in 2006, in collaboration with the team of Richard Rogers Partnership and the engineering companies Initec and TPS. Some of our selected latest works are the Extension of the Warsaw Airport, the New Airport of Gran Canaria Island, the New Sports City of Real Madrid Football Club, the remodeling of Santiago Bernabéu Stadium -also for Real Madrid FC- the Contact Center of Santander Bank in Querétaro, México, the Alzheimer National Center of Reina Sofía Fundation in Madrid, the Krakovia Stadium in Poland, the John Deere Headquarters in Madrid, the office building for Ebrosa in Madrid, the Refurbishment of the 2008 Expo Zaragoza buildings into offices and shopping areas, the Bank Caja Badajoz Headquarters.

Estudio Lamela in its search for consistency of quality and efficiency for our clients, is in possession of the international certificate of IQNet and AENOR UNE EN ISO –9001: 2008 (Registration Number: ES-0406/2003).

Many of Estudio Lamela´s projects have been awarded by both national and international organizations. Among the most prestigious prizes there should be mentioned: “Best public investment 2010” and ¨Best Construction 2010¨for the Cracovia Stadium (Poland, 2011), “National Award IMEI to the Intelligent and Sustainable Building of 2008" for the Contact Center in Querétaro (México) by the Mexican Institute of Inteligent Building, the “Urban Planning, Architecture and Public Works" (with Richard Rogers Partnership) issued by the City of Madrid to T4 Barajas Airport (2006), the "Stirling" awarded by the RIBA to T4 Barajas Airport (with Richard Rogers Partnership) (2006), the "Most Outstanding Architect of the 2005 "for Carlos Lamela by GRUPO VIA, etc.