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estudio.entresitio is a Madrid-NY base practice that is invested in the material actualization of the architectural concept. The practice has extensive building experience with an emphasis on public work that utilizes novel solutions to the functional and necessary without sacrificing the creative or exploratory. A partnership formed by Maria Hurtado de Mendoza and Cesar Jimenez de Tejada, who work together since the beginning of their professional careers in 1993, and Jose Maria Hurtado de Mendoza, who joined the office in 2003, after working in Rafael Moneo’s office for four years. Also Alvar Ruiz Villanueva is a regular contributor to the study. Cesar teaches on regular basis a design studio at Madrid’s School of Architecture (ETSAM, Polytechnic University of Madrid) since 2000. Maria, also with 14 years of teaching experience at ETSAM, is associate professor at College of Architecture and Design, New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) since 2013. They have been invited to lecture and critic at several Spanish and European Schools and Maria was visiting critic at Cornell University AAP the fall semester of 2011. Maria and Jose Maria were both granted with a Rome’s Prize in the Spanish Academy of Rome, Cesar got a Master of “Advanced Architectural Design” at Columbia University, New York, granted by the Fulbright fellowship. They have won several competitions that allowed them to build a number of projects during the decade 2000-2010, amongst which health care centers and social housing dwellings are the main topics. ( Their work has been published in many journals around the world including Architectural Record, AV, Bauvelt, Detail, Mark Magazine, Space, AIT, Speech, The Plan, etc. being selected as “Design Vanguard” by the Architectural Record magazine in 2007. It has also been shown in several international exhibitions such as the Venice Biennale in 2000, 2006 and 2008, Spanish Bienales of 2009 and 2011, Iberoamerican Bienales of 2006 and 2010, Young Architects of Spain (JAE/YAS) featured extensively around Europe and the US, EMVS public housing (RIBA, London 2007- AEDES, Berlin 2007- Turin 2008) and the Expo Shanghai 2010. Main constructed projects have been recognized with prizes and honor mentions in more than 28 awards; 10th and 11th Spanish Biennial, 7th BIAU (Iberoamerican Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism), Barbara Cappochin Biennale, Madrid’s city Architectural Prize, and ENOR, BigMat, ATEG, NAN, WMZinc, AIT Magazine, Asprima, Archdaily “building of the year”, Boston Society of Architects Prizes and 1st award at COAM 2014 Prizes with house #house#1.130 to mention a few.
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