Euro Seating International S.A.
Euro Seating International S.A.

Euro Seating International S.A.

Manufacturers from Poligono El RAM, 11, EZCARAY, Spain
EURO SEATING began operations in 1994. From the outset the company has had a commitment to innovation, using new designs, revolutionary materials and seats incorporating the latest technology; “injected structures”.

EURO SEATING is today a benchmark for the sector manufacturing seating for concert halls, cinemas, theatres, conference halls and sports facilities. This privileged position is the result of our capacity to provide a vast range of different solutions to exceptional quality seating needs.

The capacity already to be seen in over 116 countries is proof that we have chosen the right business philosophy, of the quality we have achieved in our product and of our conviction that we have the resources we need to continue improving and growing.

Our customers’ satisfaction is a decisive aspect for EURO SEATING. We are constantly developing our products so as to meet all their expectations.

We strive to promote and foster R&D in projects which we are involved in and we firmly believe in the continuous improvement of our products and processes. We are Nexting design as a basic added value.

EURO SEATING has more than 60 patents, among them the exclusive Uniblock I and Uniblock II upholstery system which gives the product flexibility and an exceptional life cycle.

Our lines of seating hold ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality certificates as well as the test of wear and tear, acoustic studies and certification from independent laboratories.

We are the only seating manufacturers to possess ISO 14006 ECODESIGN certification which certifies that the whole process of design and development has taken into consideration the environmental impact of the product so as to reduce this, in such a way that all the products designed incorporate some kind of environmental improvement, thereby contributing to sustainable development in an effective way.

Thus we can offer you seating lines which are unique in terms of concept and development, such as the ECO, COLORS and STUDIO series, or such innovative features as the THUNDERBOX system, seats which will increase the value of the venues which install them and will build spectator loyalty, by giving many years of comfort and hard-wear.