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Manufacturers from Via della Paglia, 59, Altamura, Italy

FDesign is a leading company in the Italian market with more than 20 years of experience. The origins of the company are based on an idea which from the beginning has been oriented towards providing an integral service to customers, offering the best analysis in terms of interior furniture.
FDesign’s products are creations destined for a sophisticated clientele who value the quality of materials and the elegance and richness of style and manufacturing.

Original creativity, passion for our work, attention to detail, superb craftsmanship have always characterized the FDesign style and contributed to our success.
The connecting strand of the FDesign universe has always been eclecticism, an innate ability to maintain a strong identity while adapting to the most diverse of requirements, interpreting the evolution of those that share our values, without reneging our own exclusive Italian character.
Today FDesign’s creations, through a masterly use of materials, are aimed at a refined clientele who like to express their personality not only through their actions but also through the objects they own.


FDesign is a hot topic of conversation in terms of project, design and art. The company has stepped on the accelerator of technology as well as creativity and expressive research.

This is regularly translating into new models, which have firm roots in the cultural identity of their Italian origin, while letting a new, groundbreaking expressive language “boom” on the fronts of signs and techniques.

The common denominator is a stirring pace which makes it possible to draw up and carry out small to huge scale projects, where a globalized approach to made in Italy means the main model, a deep mediation between Italian tradition and total invention, two extremes fuse, without leaving any visible trace of junctions.


FDesign has relied on a refined style and contemporary taste to develop into a benchmark for interior design. Its collections are based on products which can thoroughly ‘dress up’ the rooms with models designed for the middle-high-end market, customized by pure shapes, fine details and original contents: outstanding products capable of matching originality with comfort and design.
The current, ever-growing collection comprises fabric or leather sofas, whether conventional or capitonnè, designed by in house design team in line with market trends.
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