Fabio Fantolino is an architect designer. He founded a study in 2001 in Turin and a second in Milan in 2014. The projects range from architecture to interior design, from residential to the service tertiary, in recent years moving to product design as a designer or art director, starting numerous collaborations with large companies. From the strong and recognized bespoke design’s culture the desire to design not only custom solutions for projects, but objects that are able to reach everyone was born. All projects are characterized by a strong identity, that is the result of creative awareness and the vast culture and knowledge of international design. Over the years, the studio balanced trend, design and technique. These are the fundamental ingredients of the design philosophy that the architect daily doses and mixes to achieve exclusive and exemplary results. Fabio’s projects are never screamed but always well balanced between aesthetics, customer needs and his personal interpretation and design skills. This is how an idea made of content becomes a unique work, where each element, be it material, light and furniture, is studied and inserted as either appearance or as the main subject. This way the design goal is enhanced always respecting its individuality and the balance and livability of the space.
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