Bryan van der Beek and Edward Hendricks


Architects from 261, Waterloo Street, Singapore, Singapore
We are often asked who we are and what we do.

FARM is many things at once. We are a cross disciplinary design practice. We are a curatorial team. We are a community-centred arts organization.

We call ourselves FARM because we would like to cultivate a culture of imagination. Underpinning all we do is a belief that joyful creativity is essential in all our lives. FARM endeavours to share with you that delight in each of our projects.

Since 2005, FARM has worked on community projects which promote the arts.
We organise national public art competitions and events. We run an online creative portal. We arrange free quarterly talks by designers and artists.

In 2007, FARM established its cross disciplinary design arm.
In collaboration with artists and designers, we work on a diverse range of projects. These include architecture & interior design, product design & merchandising, graphic design & branding, art installation & sculpture, exhibition design & curatorial work.