FCM Architects
FCM Architects

FCM Architects

Architects from Avenue Paul Hijmans 91, Brussels, Belgium
FCM Architects has been created in 2004 by Thierry Martin and Jacqueline Fouque – Des Cressonnières.
Both of them have put their different expertise at the service of private, commercial and public projects.
Influenced by their international experience, they have enriched several clients with their “know-how” as well as their common passion for architecture.

What makes FCM Architects valuable is the knowledge that comes from diverse territories.

From the creation phase of a new construction to the conversion of historical sites into residential and service spaces and from the development of innovative commercial projects to the creation of smart and sustainable solutions for the public sector.

Our passion for details has also brought us to the interior design with the aim of creating unique and meaningful experiences.

To learn more about us: www.fcmarchitects.be