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FIM S.r.l.

FIM S.r.l.

Manufacturers from Via Biandrate, 11, S. Pietro Mosezzo, Italy
This is the story, the long story, of the evolution of the garden umbrella. First appearing in ancient times as a rudimentary and exotic object affording shade, it evolved over time to become the patio umbrella of today. Similarly, the story of FIM is the story of a family, who has for generations passed on the love of umbrellas from father to son.

This tradition lead to the creation of a company that today operates manufacturing facilities on two continents, and sells distinctive quality umbrellas around the word. FIM stands for both, a love of traditional quality, and the use of the latest technology to design and manufacture garden umbrellas for all purposes. Sturdy, elegant, attractive umbrellas... Umbrellas with tradition behind them.
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