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Our company was founded FINDEISEN in the southern German city of Ettlingen in 1921. Here we have begun to crack all kinds of textiles and droußieren to dissolve and to process fibers - until 1970, the year that marks a turning point for FINDEISEN. With new equipment, we specialized in the exclusive production of needled nonwovens. Today we are the world market leader for needled object coverings. You can find our products "made in Germany" all over the world. We are particularly proud of.

What sets us apart is the combination of tradition and innovation. We take the values ​​and tasks that we embody as a family business seriously and invest in our company, the location Ettlingen and our staff, which consists largely of long-term employees. However, we also know that our reliability as a company is based on change. Therefore FINDEISEN relies on modern production procedures, latest technology and contemporary design. For us, quality shows in her beautiful dress: in all colors and shapes and according to the wishes of our discerning customers. Precisely because we are committed to the values ​​of a family business we are building on sustainability. The future of the textile production is for us to deal responsibly with nature. FINDEISEN was the first company in its industry for its low-emission object covering the eco-seal of approval to receive the "Blue Angel". Since 2013 we also needled her, which can be mainly made ​​of renewable raw materials. We want to set an example for future generations and carefully manage our resources. FINDEISEN of We look forward to further success "made in Germany" and hope to see you on the excellent quality of our needled object coverings to convince in the future.
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