New Hanfbach School Möglingen
Roland Halbe
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
Door fittings - FSB 06 1146 (02363), Aluminium window fittings - FSB 34 1146 170, Interior door fittings - Model 06 1070FSB
FSB 1070
FSB 1146
Façade luminairesBEGA
Metal interior doors - JanisolJansen
External doors - WICTSTYLE 75 EVO, Window - WICLINE 75 EVO / TOPWICONA
TilesVitrA Bathrooms

Product Spec Sheet
Door fittings - FSB 06 1146 (02363), Aluminium window fittings - FSB 34 1146 170, Interior door fittings - Model 06 1070
FSB 1146, FSB 1070 by FSB
Façade luminaires
Metal interior doors - Janisol
by Jansen
External doors - WICTSTYLE 75 EVO, Window - WICLINE 75 EVO / TOP

New Hanfbach School Möglingen

mvm+starke architekten as Architects

The Hanfbach as a community school and the Furtbach as a special school form the school campus on the eastern edge of the community of Möglingen, rounded off by numerous outdoor sports facilities. The community of Möglingen pursued the goal of further developing the Hanfbach school in cooperation with the Furtbach school into an educational, sports and cultural location by adding classrooms, common rooms and a community library.


Guiding idea

The elimination of the previously centrally located main building and the desire to avoid outsourcing the use of this building during the construction period is answered with a volume "around" the main building. The demolition of the main building is seen as an opportunity to implement the overriding central idea of the design. The creation of a common centre that connects the surrounding existing structures both internally and externally growing into a space for identification and communication for pupils, teachers and citizens.


Urban planning, architecture, open space

The new building is staggered along the northern boundary of the schoolyard, so that it faces the public area towards Hanfbachstreet with access to the district library. On the other hand it also forms a spatial but permeable closure to the northern sports ground. Coming from the Hanfbachstreet, the tree-lined forecourt for the library and the access to the actual school grounds form the prelude. The open-air area in front of the school canteen is lined by a generous open staircase, which takes in the height difference from west to east.


This area is spatially limited in the south by the music pavilion and in the east by a tree grove. Behind it the common schoolyard opens up to a large action and movement area, also connected to the northern part of the property through an canopy roof. The ground floor of the new building is kept transparent in many areas, so that outside and inside, optically and spatially, merge into each other through generous opening possibilities.


Space program, function, development

The organisation of the structures of the new building complex is oriented towards the interrelations and requirements of the respective uses. Two wings of the new building, the two-storey building A and the three-storey building B are distinguished. Communal school areas are located on the western part of the ground floor of wing A, while the library is located on the northern east side of the building, completely facing away from the schoolyard. The foyer of the library opens to the forecourt on Hanfbachstreet. The foyer of the school and the school canteen, open to its own outdoor area and to the common centre.


On the southern side, the administration area is located next to the school foyer and the transition to building B. The upper floor can be reached directly from the entrance area of the school as well as via the staircase at the administration. Special classrooms for art, scientific experiments and teacher areas are located in the upper floor.


The general classrooms are given a "separate house" in the form of building B. Each floor of the three-storey building forms an independent learning house with a marketplace, cloakrooms, toilet facilities and a teacher base. There are two input rooms for the lessons, each the size of a standard class for up to 28 pupils. These are supplemented by two large learning rooms with individual learning places for pupils. Primary level is located on the ground floor, while secondary levels take place on the two upper floors.


Material Used :

1. Façade cladding: Eternit / Natura PRO
2. External doors: WICONA / WICTSTYLE 75 EVO
4. External blinds: Warema
5. Door fittings: FSB 06 1146 (02363)
6. Aluminium window fittings: FSB 34 1146 170
7. Interior doors: NEUFORM
8. Metal interior doors: JANSEN / Janisol
9. Interior door fittings: FSB - Model 06 1070
10. Door closers, swing door operators, hold-open systems: GEZE
11. Roof waterproofing: Axter Excel Gold Jardin Axter Hyrene Spot Duo Axter G200S4+AL
12. Roof domes: Börner roof insulation: Rygol EPS 035 DAA
13. Tiles: VITRA
14. Concrete ashlar: DASAG / Terrastone 7105
15. Linoleum: DLW
16. Needle fleece: Findeisen / Finett Vision Color
17. Mobile partition wall: Nüsing
18. Interior lights: RZB
19. Façade luminaires: BEGA

Project Credits
Consulting Engineer Building Physics
Site supervision
Structural design
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