Fine Quality Timber Sdn Bhd.
Fine Quality Timber Sdn Bhd.

Fine Quality Timber Sdn Bhd.

Manufacturers from N/A, Malaysia
Factory Facilities

3 Units Hydromat Molders, 2 Units Unimat Molders, 5 Units Kiln Dried Chambers, 4 Units Finger/ butt Joint Machines, 1 Unit ZNT 4x12 Machine, 1 Unit ENT 4x3 Machine, 1 Unit Optimizer, 1 Unit Band Re Saw, 3 unit of rip saw, 2 Units Double Side Planners, 1 Units of lamination Line, 2 Warehouses, 1 Unit of Gesso Priming Machine, 1 Unit of Spraying & Lacquering Machine, 2 Units of Smooth & Straight Surfaces, Double Cross Cut, Cross cuttings, Boring Machine, 1 Unit of Moldrup Borax Treatment Line and Others

Original Production Technology/ Know How

Germany/ Sweden, UK, Japan, Malaysia & Indonesia

Nature of Services

Family members servicing and solution based manufacturing services: providing fine-tuning timber stacking, air dry, kiln drying & strict moisture control/ checking, prompt shipment, production reengineering, timber species research, profile design, solid packing & stuffing design, cross cut & optimizing, planking, ripping, straightening, grading, colour selection, machining, butt/finger jointing, laminating, quality control & rejection, final touch up, labeling/ sticker, warehousing & fumigation, engineered mouldings design.