Forme d'Acqua
Forme d'Acqua

Forme d'Acqua

Manufacturers from Via San Michele, 4, Venezia, Italy
The design, construction and manufacturing of indoor and outdoor fountains.

“Our business has deep and precise origins in the territory from which we come from, Venice, the city built on water, arsenal of art and craftsmen. Water is a constant presence and our source of inspiration.
The love for landscape which fulfils our eyes with beauty every day, combined with our peculiar creativity, leads us to experiment with water, such a familiar element and so rich in potential.
We design and build our fountains in Venice, continuing the ancient tradition known throughout the world for its masks, nautical carpentry and Murano glass art.

We are artisans of water, which does not have its own form but, if treated with wisdom and originality, can fascinate, entertain, leave breathless, just like Venice.”

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Forme d'Acqua Headquarters
+39 3926172093
Via San Michele, 4, Venezia, Italy

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