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we are a group company, LED is just a branch of this group, I used to be the R&D manager in Philips and citizen china branch for almost 15years. During those years, i made design for IKEA and some other European big brand, like In Germany ,the customer name is IBV Holding GMBH ,and in Holand the company name is House of Light and Migros from Switzerland and so on , In US, customer name is cooper lighting and in Brazil, the TOP brand Toshiba. With this background, 3 years ago, I set up this company with our group president, focus on the indoor and commercial lighting design and production.

The R&D team most of the staff used to work in OPPLE, NVC and TOUVE, with good technical background.

Products category
in the further mail, I already shared with you our current most popular items, for which we sell with big volume, you can double checked.
For flood lights, bulb, tube, tracking, downlight and dust-proof lighting fixtures are our strong points, as the R&D team worked in this field for many years.

Our Strengths
Customization design / sample upon request
Customize Logo
Direct factory price
Strong product development / design capability
In-house operational facilities

Every stage of FOTIN LED’s production process is staffed with experience and professional people to ensure that customer’s needs are met optimally and efficiently. Led by experienced and qualified management team, FOTIN LED’s thorough understanding of its customers and the industry enable it to keep abreast of market trends and stay ahead of competition with other factories.

With a strong of product engineers, FOTIN is able to help customer break down their briefs to ensure:
Design is maintained while meeting production techniques and costs
Balance between design and function in ensuring both are met at an optimal level
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