Foundation for Design and Architecture in Norway

Foundation for Design and Architecture in Norway

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The Foundation for Design and Architecture in Norway, Norsk Form, is working actively to improve people's quality of life and everyday situation through the use of design and architecture. We achieve this by initiating and participating in chosen projects and through teaching, events, competitions and exhibitions.

Mission statement:
In a broad social perspective, the foundation Norsk Form will endeavour to raise the general understanding of the importance of architecture and design. The foundation will strive to achieve quality and innovation in the development of surroundings and products.

The foundation will work to strengthen professional and interdisciplinary collaboration, disseminate knowledge and give advice to the general public, professionals, authorities, industry and educational institutions.

Within the fields of design, architecture, urban- and local -development, Norsk Form is working to increase the use of participative processes in order for different voices to be heard. We also work with design solutions in public spaces, which we are all forced to use, to ensure that they are designed in such a way that no one is excluded.

Private foundation
Norsk Form was established at the initiative of the Norwegian Ministry of Culture, in 1992. The foundation has an executive board as governing body. The Ministry of Culture appoints three of the board's six members, while the remaining three board members are elected by the Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities, the Professional advisory board for Architectural Education and the Professional advisory board for Education in Industrial Design.

Norsk Form has no administrative responsibility for public activities, but is involved on a broad front and in focused projects in cooperation with both the public sector and private interests.

Norsk Form’s target group comprises professionals, authorities, schools and educational institutions, industry and the general public. Norsk Form is co-located together with the Norwegian Design Council at DogA - Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture in Oslo. Norsk Form has 27 employees. In addition, eight people are engaged in projects for Design without Borders.
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