Frederic Schnee
Frederic Schnee

Frederic Schnee

Architects from Germany
Born 1986, Frédéric Schnee has a M.Sc. in architecture from the RWTH Aachen University. Schnee is currently an assistant professor at the Institute for Architecture, Construction and Theory at TH Cologne University. He has worked at BeL in Cologne, C-LAB, Columbia University and INABA Inc. in New York and OBRA Architects in Beijing. Contributions to VOLUME magazine, ARPA and THRESHOLDS Journal .

弗雷德里克·雪倪,1986年出生,于德国亚琛工业大学获建筑学理科硕士学位。雪倪现任科隆应用技术大学建筑理论与实践研究所助理教授。曾分别工作于科隆BeL公司、美国哥伦比亚大学C-LAB实验室、纽约INABA Inc.公司及北京OBRA Architects等机构担任建筑师或科研人员等。在VOLUME杂志、ARPA和THRESHOLDS 期刊发表过文章
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