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Designers from 33 Hilltop Road, Mendham, United States

Launched in Fall 2013, Free Play™ is a studio that creates interactive learning environments for children through sensory-focused play structures that can be customized to fit any landscape. A father of two, Free Play™ founder and president Dan Schreibman noticed the limitations of standardized playgrounds, and observed that his daughters were much more engaged when playing in nature or in unstructured settings where they were free to explore. Identifying the need for a different kind of play experience, Schreibman conducted an in-depth due diligence with an advisory board of educators, architects, child development experts, and safety consultants. Their research
culminated in a revolutionary play environment, brought to life by New York-based firm LTL Architects, that provides an abundance of sensory experiences and gives children the freedom to play as they choose.

In February, Free Play™ unveiled its inaugural playground installation, the centerpiece of a state-of-the-art FIFA stadium in the United Arab Emirates.
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Free Play Mendham
33 Hilltop Road, Mendham, United States