Freedom of Creation
Freedom of Creation

Freedom of Creation

Manufacturers from Cruquiuskade 85-87, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Freedom Of Creation is a pioneering design and research company, specialized in design with 3D printing technologies. The product of this work is either part of the FOC Collection or commercialized by other design labels. Since 2000 our extensive research conducted in the field of 3D printing technologies has resulted in innovative and successful commercial products, in the development of new industrial materials and software products, and has been the foundation for significant R&D projects with a range of industrial partners. Our products have been published and exhibited all around the world. They have also been selected for permanent museum collections and have received numerous design accolades worldwide.


Product lifespans are constantly decreasing, while the amount of new products pushed into the market is ever increasing. Most of these products are generically tailored for the unidentified masses, and this “push into market” development approach decreases the value for the individual and increases waste on our planet. Most consumer products are still produced by an old fashioned (a century old) mass production infrastructure, which equals to large stock, high manual labor, big investments, long distance transportation, an army of employees etc.

Since the world is becoming ever more digital, decentralized and connected, our approach on product development will change the world forever. MP3 changed the music industry forever, digital cameras did the same for photography and digital printing enabled everybody to become a publisher – now the same transition is already occurring for consumer products as well, and people will be able to create their own products with great ease and will not need to be bound by the selection they can find in stores. As a result, the value for consumers will increase and waste will decrease.

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