we are based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, with a practice that spans the world, we specialize in a wide array of work. From award-winning luxury residential houses and interiors to iconic urban redevelopments. With every project we seek to create micro-universes that enrich and fulfill the lives of everyone it touches. our team of design professionals and worldwide partners works collaboratively with our clients to create unconventional solutions and a renewed perspective of everyday spaces. The team brings international experience with expertise from concept and design development to technical drawings and construction coordination. we create personal and poetic, but functional and rational outdoor and indoor spaces to live, work, create and enjoy life. We believe that your environment defies who you are or who you aim to be. And we’re happy to help you create the environment you deserve to be surrounded with. we especially enjoy working with unusual assignments and challenging plots: long and narrow or huge and undefined, next to the highway or hard to reach ones in the middle of nowhere, on a complex landscape on top of the mountain or on a tiny plot cramped between existing buildings. we don’t believe in following a specific style, since we believe every person is unique and deserves a unique approach. Our clients are our inspirations. Their stories, their passion, their fears, their love serve as a starting point of our projects. we don’t have a strict services list, since your dreams should not have confines. We are happy to explore the best possible realization of your vision together with you. So, let’s cross the line and make a step closer to fulfill your ambitions. if you love what we are doing, do not hesitate to drop us a line and let’s have coffee in any part of the world.
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