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Designers from 83 - Pinheiros, São Paulo, N/a, Brazil
The raw material for my projects is creativity, it enables you to develop unique and totally authorial projects. Any information becomes fuel in the search for the meaning of new proposals for living and live. I believe that design is born from the relationship with space and place. It is this perspective that makes experienced, competent and special. ”

Fabio Galeazzo
15 years Fabio Galeazzo directs Galeazzo Design, multidisciplinary office interiors, design and product consulting.

His original work, meticulous and rich textures has been recognized through awards since 2004. In his portfolio contained national awards as House SP Color and international as English Andrew Martin dubbed by the industry as the Oscar decoration, that there 05 consecutive years ( 2014/2013/2012/2011/2010) publishes its work in the yearbook of the same name and the American Treehugger award in 2012.

In 2014 at the invitation of the University of Design Hangzhou – China, lectured about his creative process during the “TO THE EAST OF THE WORLD-THE 15th WEST LAKE EXPO” event.
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