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Gallotti & Radice srl

Gallotti&Radice was the first company in Italy to experiment with and promote, as far back as the Fifties, the love for the study and use of an extraordinary material in the furnishing sector: crystal. Used in all its purity and elegance, but especially combined in a unique and masterly way with other precious materials, crystal stands out as a strong and discreet protagonist in the Gallotti&Radice collection. The avant-garde design, the elegant shapes and, most importantly, the special attention given to product quality and safety has allowed the company to promote its name and image on the national and international markets, with a selected and qualified distribution, targeted for a demanding and prestigious public. The collaboration with talented designers such as Artefatto, Pinuccio Borgonovo, Gabriele and Oscar Buratti, Massimo Castagna, Carlo Colombo, Pietro Russo is of fundamental importance. More recent design expressions, include those by Federica Biasi, Marcello Pozzi and the new collaboration with david/nicolas and Leonardo Dainelli (April 2019). The immersive lifestyle collection is the expression of a growing and constantly evolving company, the concrete sign of an enterprise that loves to weave the know-how of the ancient Italian artisan tradition with details of metropolitan contemporaneity, also present in the upholstered furniture and in the ever more intriguing lighting solutions. Each product is designed to interpret a transversal taste that nullifies the line of time and boundaries, with an elegant and sophisticated interpretation, which can be experienced first-hand in the flagship stores in Milan, London, and Miami.
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