SAOTA - Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects, is a firm of over 110 young architectural designers and technicians including in-house CGI and marketing teams, as well as a strong support staff. It is driven by the dynamic combination of Stefan Antoni, Philip Olmesdahl, Greg Truen, Phillippe Fouché and Mark Bullivant who share a potent vision easily distinguished in their buildings. This, paired with both an innovative and dedicated approach to the execution of projects, has seen SAOTA become an internationally sought-after brand. Numerous awards and commendations from some of the most respected architectural and design institutions solidify this growth. What has truly been the momentum behind this success is the meeting of function and form, the balance of the needs of their clients and the pursuit of true architectural design. Ensuring these clients see significant returns from developments has led to not only a growing client base, but repeat commissions. The focus on achieving maximum value has also led to global invitations to design, build and curate some of the most prestigious projects. Led by the inspired partners who have a unique understanding of an ever-evolving industry, SAOTA continues to build on past experience and is well positioned to offer expert services to the residential, corporate, institutional and commercial marketplace.
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