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Gottlieb Paludan Architects is an internationally oriented firm with a long history and roots in the Scandinavian tradition. We believe in community and the beauty of everyday life. We also believe that everyone deserves excellent design and attractive surroundings. We give special care and attention to imparting beauty and quality to the basic functions that keep our society running. Our consultancy services focus on facilities for energy and infrastructure, commercial properties, urban spaces, landscapes and planning as well as process and client consultancy. In addition, we provide a number of specialist services. For over 100 years, our firm has been one of the trendsetters in Danish architecture and design, and we are known for building long-term, trust-based business relationships with our clients. When it comes to technically oriented architecture, GPA is Denmark’s most experienced firm. We consistently focus on architectural quality, on creating value for the client and on integrating sustainability, social responsibility and environmentally conscious solutions in all our projects. We create simple, functional architecture with a distinct aesthetic profile. The services we provide at Gottlieb Paludan Architects range from process and client consultancy to design and interior design, and from renovation and construction of new buildings to landscaping and planning projects. The firm currently employs around 80 people — architects, landscape architects, civil engineers and constructing architects together with process and client advisers — at our offices in Copenhagen and Aarhus, Denmark.
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