Guillaume Levesque Architecte

Guillaume Levesque Architecte

The work of matter and space to express an intention, a gesture or an emotion, is an integral part of the architectural process. Light sculptors and designers of spaces, we privilege; the respect of the occupants needs and their budgets, the durability of the buildings, the natural light, the simplicity of the structure, the fluidity of the spaces and the beauty like first space qualities of our realizations.


Guillaume Lévesque, architect OAQ, pa LEED

Guillaume Lévesque is the founder of the firm Guillaume Lévesque architect he created in 2010. He has realized many residential and institutional mandates for various private clients and for community and public organizations. His interest in contemporary Scandinavian architecture has led him to travel to Finland, Denmark, Norway and Iceland in recent years to visit housing projects and public and community buildings. Nordic constructions with humble, minimalist, sustainable architectural qualities, which are designed on a human scale, sensitive to the needs of users are great sources of inspiration. He is a professional architect, member of the Quebec Order of Architects and LEED accredited. He favors green buildings for a sustainable and equitable future.


His architecture studio is also involved with organizations such as the Native Friendship Center of Val-d’Or and La Piaule. He is currently involved in the design of 38 social housing units for people at risk of homelessness. The workshop designed the Sakihikan Center for the Aboriginal Friendship Center in La Tuque, a cultural and community center for the Atikamekw community in the heart of the city. Recently, a feasibility study was completed for the realization of a social pediatric clinic in Manawan for the accreditation of the Dr. Julien Foundation. He is also collaborating with ArtCAD architects to plan the renovation of the hospital departments for the Ungava Tulattavik Health Center in Kuujjuaq, Quebec’s far north.


Guillaume Lévesque has also been involved for many years with Architecture Sans Frontières Québec (ASFQ) and initiated with the organization in 2008, the Kitcisakik Mission with the aim of creating a knowledge transfer and helping the indigenous populations ( Anishnabek) to renovate their homes themselves. In 2011, his commitment to the Aboriginal community earned him the OAQ’s Prix des Prix d’Excellence award and the Governor General’s medal in architecture in 2012.It is this responsible and committed vision that motivates him to continue his work with community organizations and to be actively involved with ASFQ’s Board since June 2017 and with the OAQ for the writing and proofreading of the professional examination Architects of Canada (EXAC).


Cynthia Matta, architecture internAs a graduate architect and a registered intern with the Order of Architects of Quebec, Cynthia Matta is particularly interested in contributing to innovative and creative design solutions. She currently works as an assistant to architect Guillaume Lévesque on the design and planning of various residential and institutional projects. During her last internship at Technische University Berlin (TU Berlin), she worked on the UTB-Mena research project “Urban Travel Behavior in the Large Cities of Mena region”.


During her volunteer experience as Vice President of the Beit-Mery Department of the Lebanese Red Cross, Cynthia learned to participate in the development of the local community by raising public awareness through various services and Programs. Throughout his years of studying architecture, his research has focused on the planning of public spaces and infrastructure. At the end of 2016, she worked for UN-Habitat Lebanon (United Nations for Human Settlements), where she collected data for a field survey in the urban district of Nabaa, Lebanon.

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