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Original Habitek works furniture line was launched as an experimental project in early 2000. Since then, many of the pieces in the range have been acclaimed in the design world. Today, the small Helsinki-based company relies 100% on Finnish design and its production is fuelled by close collaborations with big and small manufacturing partners around the country.
The company’s ideology is to create beautiful, highly-functional and versatile basic furniture pieces that invite their users to find inspired applications at home and work. Its mission is to produce items locally, to high craftsmanship and design standards. Habitek manufactures its furniture using natural woods and synthetic materials, and unites hand-made finishes and industrially produced components. Among its core ideas is to support intelligent consumption by producing only products that demonstrate durability and longevity in design, technical performance and materiality. Habitek’s aim is to manufacture furniture that lasts a lifetime and longer, and to design pieces that resist and override rapidly changing fashions. The Morris tables, a series of asymmetric, rounded coffee tables, was designed in 2005 and soon became the cheery pet of many design followers and designers. Morris reflects the fresh habitek attitude and remains the icon product of the company.
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