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Hans Verstuyft Architecten

Architects from Britselei 23/601, Antwerpen, Belgium
Hans Verstuyft Architects was founded in 1992. Our projects are various in scale and program as we look for challenging assignments, which we love to study.

Our work is based on the specific conditions each project has. The result is an analysis of these conditions: program, surroundings, budget, users, light,...but also more subjective elements like feeling, warmth, comfort, touch, sensuality. We want to include in our projects a way of life, and not only a rational solution. Our way of thinking architecture might be seen as traditional in a way that we don't want to make fashionable buildings. We think architecture is to last, and to give living new opportunities for each generation. Future buildings must have a soul that inspires the users and invites them to live in.

Our inspiration is to think sober, to reduce. We see the same in fashion, dance, art. Sober works often have a strong appearance.
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