Harmony Timberworks
Harmony Timberworks

Harmony Timberworks

Architects from 645 Roby Greene Road, Boone, United States
As an industry pioneer and innovator, Harmony Timberworks rose up from a small specialty materials supplier to one of the leading providers of custom timber frame homes in the log homes industry.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry and a body of work second to none, we proudly build commercial and residential timber frame structures for a diverse client base. We take each new project as an opportunity to renew our steadfast commitment to client satisfaction. We focus on design to fabricate log homes that are both functional and creative using a variety of timber frame and joinery styles.

From the smallest log homes to the most complex timber frame homes, we follow a streamlined process to ensure the high quality of every one of our structures.

Harmony’s Process of Realizing Log Homes and Timber Frame Structures

I) Design

• We focus on the creation of custom projects, working from your detailed drawings, architectural plans, or a conceptual idea. Some clients simply give us the idea of the look they want and rely on our architects to draw out a plan and a 3D model. Work together with us throughout the design process to ensure that our design meets your individual tastes and budgetary targets. Your preferences with regard to style, timber species, embellishments and joinery detail will take priority.

II) Production of Timber Trusses

• Our automated timber frame manufacturing facility utilizes the latest design and fabrication technologies to bring your plans and ideas into reality. Based on your 3D model, we mill, cut, and drill timber with precise CNC cutting machinery. Under the guidance of architects and builders, we’re able to produce a variety of components for innovative and functional timber frame homes in a timely manner.

• We pre-fit each component that we produce to test the design, then disassemble and package your log home parts for shipment. In addition, we send you a sealed set of the building plans to prove structural integrity and code compliance in your state or location.

III) On-Site Construction

• Construct with our experienced on-site erection crew or request a Harmony on-site adviser to assist a crew of your own. We’re always available to answer any questions you may have during the installation of timber frame homes.