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Harol specialises in sun protection, roller shutters and garage doors with quality that is 100% guaranteed. Custom-built solutions which suit your tastes and are easy to operate. At the push of a button, you can enjoy enhanced comfort and a sense of security. Harol provides a full service from start to finish thanks to its extensive network of Specialists.
Choose from an extensive range of sun protection custom built for your home, garden or patio; screens, folding arm awnings, external venetian blinds, pivot arm awnings or opt for a duostore, terrace awning, veranda sunblind, PATiO or Umbris (roof blind with slats). Or are you looking for an overhead or side door? There are also Harol solutions for closing off your home: built-in roller shutters, built-on roller shutters or surface mounted roller shutters, or opt for a roll-up grille or roll-up door.
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