HC Space Design
Kang Wei Liang
HC Space Design

HC Space Design

Architects from No.9, Aly. 3, Ln. 1112, Chunri Rd, Taoyuan City, Taiwan
The HC team has extensive experience in architectural and interior design. We are a professional team that values innovation and change to create vital living spaces for people. We provide integrated services that cover planning, design, construction, and consultant. We manage constructions under strict quality control, insist on using safe and green materials, and take every client’s project as a piece of artwork.

We believe that there is no perfect design, and that there is always space for improvement. In every project, we look into details in design, and we insist on delicate processes during construction. Our design emphasize on scientific principles of Feng Shui that deals carefully with the three key elements of life: the sun, the air and water. We also insist on using safe and green certified materials. The core of our design derives from people: our works are always user-oriented that value both aesthetics and practicality.

Architecture is not only a form of expression, but an art to probe deep into user’s needs and to come out with the best outcome that make people feel comfortable, safe and free. We define our approach as architectural design; user experience is always our top priority.

In Chinese, the word “living” is a pictogram consists of "people" and "subject," which clearly reveals that people are the key subject of living. Thus, the existence of a residential form, including its exterior structure and interior space, certainly bases on the needs of people. We firmly believe that, an excellent architecture should be able to positively touch people deep into the heart.
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No.9, Aly. 3, Ln. 1112, Chunri Rd, Taoyuan City, Taiwan

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