Hedar Edilizia Metallica S.r.l.

Hedar Edilizia Metallica S.r.l.

Manufacturers from S.P. Est Sesia, Vicolungo, Italy
Since 1965 our company works in the sector of civil, industrial and tertiary metallic building with high quality and credibility acquired during the time.

Hedar is part of a company pool specialized ad coordinated. Hedar works both as engineering company and technical assistance and like yard service for supply and installation.

Operating in all over the world, with order acquired directly or indirectly, Hedar boasts many realization of high recognition and care.

Hedar warrants to the Clients and to the designers high technological services and innovation:

Metallic building system
Certificated quality of its systems and products
Executive planning, installation and maintenance
Technical and economic consulting during the commercial phase and for specification (o tender) preparation

Continuous and intense technological research both on material that on the method and on the production plant allow to the company to reach an undisputed leadership position in Italy and abroad.

Hedar is specialized in the personalized planning of civil and industrial metallic covering, covering and metallic ventilated roof, ventilated facades, metallic wall cladding, composite decking, corrugated sheets for concrete, corrugated sheets for covering and wall, corrugated sheets, panels and metallic sheets for covering and wall of different typologies using several materials such as: aluminum, steel, copper, stainless steel, titanium, titanium zinc, etc…

Constructive systems and its complements employed in the project realization are entirely produced by Hedar or by other company group.
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