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Hendrick Manufacturing

Hendrick Manufacturing

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Hendrick Manufacturing was established in 1876, and is located in Carbondale, Pennsylvania. Hendrick Manufacturing is a partner and resource for thousands of perforated metal customers across North America. We participate in the design and redesign of products with an eye toward improved quality and cost savings.

If you are a designer or buyer, you should take advantage of our vast experience and perforating capabilities because holes provide solutions to a great many design problems. Round holes, squares, rectangles, triangles, slots, decorative patterns - shapes only limited by your imagination. Hole sizes can range from a few thousandths of an inch to more than six inches. We can perforate thicknesses from foil to 3/4" plate. Material can vary from carbon steel, stainless, aluminum, galvanized, copper, brass. We even perforate paper, plastics and exotics!

Our multiple perforating presses can accommodate sheets or coils of material. We can perforate up to 60" in width (greater widths may be accommodated - please consult with Hendrick Manufacturing). Coils up to 20,000 pounds are easily handled. If your product is pre-coated or needs special care, we will apply the appropriate handling required.

The process to make holes with great accuracy and efficiency is a very special process. Perforating is unlike stamping or other metal-working operations. It requires experience in personnel, machinery and tooling.

Hendrick is unique, as we manufacture our own tooling utilizing the latest technology. The experience of our workforce is an incredible asset and is the basis for our ability to deliver high-quality products quickly. Our manufacturing operation is 24-7, thereby reducing our delivery times.

We have thousands of hole-patterns to choose from. Our tooling list is extensive and ever-changing. We will help you choose the right hole-pattern to accomplish your vision. We can also design new tooling as required.

Lastly, Hendrick offers many secondary operations to perforating. We can shear, roll, slit, weld, form, paint, etc. In fact, many customers find that it is more economical to have Hendrick provide a sub-assembly or finished part.