HomeAfloat ™ Consortium
HomeAfloat ™ Consortium

HomeAfloat ™ Consortium

Architects from Varna, Bulgaria, Bulgaria
HomeAfloat ™ Consortium is an International consortium for architectural design, marine engineering, construction, furnishing and equipping of floating islands


HomeAfloat ™ Consortium offers development of architectural projects, by creating unique interior and exterior designs. With the team of professional architects and designers we will embody all your desire in reality.


HomeAfloat ™ Consortium provides services in the field of design, and technical registration, providing all necessary support, documentation, guaranteeing implementation of the project within the terms and reliability of a floating structure.


With 25 years of experience, HomeAfloat ™ Consortium is one of the leading companies in the World in the field of design and construction of floating structures. Contemporary workshop, highly qualified specialists and broad application of innovative technologies gives HomeAfloat™ sufficient capacity for realization even the most ambitious projects.


The HomeAfloat ™ Consortium offers implementation of "turnkey" projects that considerably saves your time for search of professionals when developing each stage of the project - architectural, design, technical etc.

HomeAfloat ™ Consortium provides services in the field of hydro-lithodynamics research, processes of the coastal zone, coastal dynamics, coastal protection, open sea hydrodynamics, the development of marine ecosystems etc.

We offer to everybody that would desire to own a floating house, a floating office, a restaurant, bar, hotel, and over a 100 types of floating structures, both residential and public.

We produce:

1. Floating houses
2. Floating apartment blocks
3. Floating hospital
4. Floating bar - restaurant
5. Floating hotel - casino - Restaurant
6. Floating resort
7. Floating neighborhood
8. Floating city / island
9. Floating factory
10. Floating structures for solar and wind energy
11. Floating structures for airports

Specifications :

1. Conforming to the standard of the "passive building and zero energy house building".
2. Passivehaus Institute "Dr. Wolfgang Feist“, http://www.passiv.de/en/index.php
3. DNV - GL, GERMANY, http://www.dnv.de/