Hortus Environmental Design
Hortus Environmental Design

Hortus Environmental Design

Designers from New York, United States
Hortus Environmental Design is an American based, global multidisciplinary design synergy comprised of disciplinarians in the fields of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Industrial Design, Furniture and Lighting Design, Texture Design and Graphic Design.
We strive to re-define the current mass interpretation of value, and operate with the belief that a horizontally formed synergy of creative minds working both independently and in unison forms meaningfully conscientious, innovative, distinctive and discerning design.

Hortus Synergy:

Fabrice Covelli: www.fabricecovelli.com; www.fproduct.net

ezekielle: www.ezekielle.com

Misty Gonzalez: www.hortus.us www.mistygonzalez.com

Wook Kim: www.wookkim.com