Based in Mexico City and directed by founder architect Moritz Melchert, ICONICO is a contemporary architectural studio devoted to innovative design solutions. Staffed by talented, highly qualified specialists from around the world, ICONICO brings consummate professional commitment to the architectural design process. Our clients include both governmental and private institutions; we design major civic, residential, office, industrial and urban projects in Mexico and abroad. Our approach to design is strongly content driven, always based on analyses of the urban, social and cultural domains and how they interact. Exploiting our key professional strengths in the areas of project management and architectural design, ICONICO’s field of endeavor includes everything from initial project design through construction supervision and delivery.​​ We take our name from the term ICON, which has come to signify a streamlined graphic representation of an object or idea that can be swiftly and easily grasped by the mind. This concept informs our overall approach and is expressed in guileless buildings whose self-evident functionality provides groundings of comfort and well-being.

Our Projects
Iconico Studio
Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico