IDEATEC Advanced Acoustic Solutions
IDEATEC Advanced Acoustic Solutions

IDEATEC Advanced Acoustic Solutions

Manufacturers from Pol. Ind. Santa Fe, Comuna de Carrara 10, 03660 Novelda – Alicante – SPAIN
We reach any corner of the world to provide the best sound conditions for the habitat and increase people’s quality of life.

Who does IDEATEC provide value to?
We provide value to Interior Design and Decoration, with Advanced Acoustic Solutions to achieve maximum acoustic comfort.

At Ideatec we have always respected our environment. We combine technology, innovation and design with avant-garde and natural materials. This is accredited by various quality and environmental management certifications.

Since when?
With more than 25 years’ experience in the wood sector, at Ideatec we design and manufacture an extensive range of acoustic panels to create systems for suspended ceilings, wall claddings and mobile wood partitions, all with the best sound-absorbing properties.

What do we offer again?
Different accessories resolve aspects such as integration of lighting, ventilation and the concealment of other elements. In addition, our precise IDEATEC FLEX solution allows the installation of acoustic panels on curved surfaces, whether concave, convex or corrugated.

Acoustic diffuser panels

Our range of acoustic diffusers complements the overall effect of panel systems, by eliminating floating echoes, thus providing uniform listening quality in the whole room.


Lightweight and versatile products consisting of foams, fibres and textiles enhance the potential of the acoustic solutions of the extensive range of IDEATEC PRODUCT CATALOGUES.

Decorative acoustic panels

Islands or clouds and suspended baffles, frames, cylinders and semi-cylinders, bass traps and geometric pattern polyurethane plates facilitate the acoustic insulation of any room without the need for any structural work.

All Ideatec products integrate design and decoration with the best technical solutions, resulting in the ideal formula to complete with guarantees any type of project without leaving anyone indifferent.

Personalised service

Ideatec’s delivery times and customer service team provide the necessary service and support to protect your interests and reputation in the market.

Where do we export?
Our products are present in more than thirty-five countries worldwide, a clear sign of the quality and reliability that characterises all Ideatec products resulting from a long professional track record.

No matter where you are located, Ideatec’s acoustic solutions will always reach their destination, safeguarding your interests and guaranteeing maximum quality.
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