IDEeA Interior DEsign e Architettura

IDEeA Interior DEsign e Architettura

Architects from Italy
Founder of IDEeA Interior Design and Architecture (, Architect, Interior Designer, Creative.

Author of the E-book "10 Tips for Surviving Restructuring Works" and trainer for the Interior Design "For All".

HELP Companies, Professionals and in general all the People to Transform their IDEAS into CONCRETE PROJECTS, making them Save Time and Money and above all trying to avoid Stress.

I BELIEVE that in times of crisis, the best answer must come from using the resources we have around us. And in our country resources are not lacking. We need to communicate a lot and communicate well, educate and be educated, dream and help the greater number of people around us to reach new GOALS.

I am Designer and Reviewer of the International group of "Redesigner Lago" ( through which we seek new creative languages, to meet the needs of contemporary living.

Founding Member of Edil CEM snc. Support the search for new contacts and the study of new Low Environmental Impact Construction Techniques, bringing the theoretical knowledge of the work of Architect, the continuous research of WELL-BEING in living, inside the Yard, where I have the opportunity to Experiment and Realize new projects.

Event Organizer at "La Reggia di Venaria Reale" and other Structures, I support their management in the management and planning of Musical, Cultural and Culinary Events.