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IGLO Architects

IGLO Architects

Architects from n/a, Istanbul, Turkey

"Transparency" and "honesty" are our main business principles. We solve the project considering all aspects at the preliminary desig phase and work rapidlywith an effective construction site organization at the application phase. We pay attention to every little detail and the quality of workmanship as these are what make up the whole.. We know that function is as important as design and we don't let our aesthetic concerns get ahead of the functionality. We work elaborately on each architectural design and application no matter small or big. We never repeat ourselves. We follow the world without being drawn into the temporary charm of the fashion.

We see the problem, thus find the solution.


IGLO (Igloo) is an Eskimo accomodation unit constructed from blocks of frozen snow, in the form of a dome. On the outside, temperatures may be as low as -40ºC but "heat insulation" feature of the snow lets the temperature on the inside range from -7 to16 ºC when warmed by body and/or candle heat alone.

In our opinion, igloos are the most economic and effective energy consuming allocation units built until today. The only material used is what can be found everywhere and which in fact is causes trouble for people: Snow.

IGLO (Igloo) is a real solution produced from a problem. We named our company IGLO because it is the most beautiful and simple model of the architectural intelligence which we aim to capture.


IGLO was established by Zafer KAROĞLU and Esen AKYAR in 2001 and serviced in the area of architectural design, project and application for clients from different business lines located in Turkey or other countries. IGLO produces functional designs and reasonable costed solutions for architectural projects and introduces the occupants with a brand new design process experience. IGLO proceeds on its road without compromising customer satisfaction and elaborate team work.


Esen AKYAR_Graduated from Midle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Architecture in 1992. She started her architectural carier at Şans Mimarlık (Architectural Practice) in Bodrum in year 1994.In 1997,she came to Istanbul and worked in MIG A.Ş. (Construction Company) ve Ada Mimarlık (Architectural Practice) until year 2001.

Zafer KAROĞLU_Graduated from Yıldız Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Architecture in 1992. He started his architectural carier at MTM Mimarlık (Architectural Practice),worked there between years1989-1994 ,after that worked at Ada Mimarlık (Architectural Practice) until year 2001.