Iñaki Echeverria [urbanismo paisaje arquitectura]
Iñaki Echeverria [urbanismo paisaje arquitectura]

Iñaki Echeverria [urbanismo paisaje arquitectura]

Architects from Homero 820, Mexico, Mexico
IÑAKI ECHEVERRIA, architect and landscape urbanist based in Mexico City, founded in 2008 a leader firm which has been awarded numerous high profile commissions, both public and private.

Echeverria’s multidisciplinary approach provides unique and specific solutions to complex conditions ranging from grand scale environmental remediation, public reclamation projects and landscapeurbanism planning to design, architecture and art installations. In these investigations a bottom-up collaborative approach to design is always privileged.

He was invited to join the Experts Council that along with the council for Sustainable Urban Development will contribute to the Urban Development and Housing Department to assist with researches, proposals, opinions, consultations and analysis on sustainable urban development during 2013.

The Texcoco Lake Ecological Park with143 million square meters extension involved over 200 specialists from multiple fields all directed by Echeverria’s office. Once completed, it will become the world’s largest urban park.

The Children’s Museum, “Papalote Verde Monterrey”, scheduled to open to the public in winter 2013, will become Mexico’s first Platinum LEED certificates. A museum devoted to sustainability and environmental education, it has already become a cultural landmark in Mexico’s industrial heart able to negotiate its location in a historical heritage site with a radical architecture and from it’s time.

For some years now, the firm has collaborated constantly with Liverpool, the largest luxury retail chain in Mexico, with the architectonic image design of their stores. A notable example is the new store in Villahermosa at the southeast of the country.

Iñaki Echeverria holds a Masters degree from the Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation at Columbia University, a Bachelor’s degree from UNAM in Mexico and Art History studies at UCBerkeley.

He is a professor of design at Universidad Iberoamericana and Director of the Summer Workshop at AEDES Network Campus Berlin. Echeverria is a visiting juror and lecturer in several Universities in the United States such as Columbia, Sciarc, UPenn and Harvard.

His work has been included in exhibitions in New York, Venice, Hamburg, Torino, Mexico, Quito and Lisbon. His latest exhibit was a solo show from October to December 2011 at the prestigious Aedes Architektur Forum in Berlin.

For additional information http://inakiecheverria.com/