Infinity Glass Solutions
Infinity Glass Solutions

Infinity Glass Solutions

Architects from villa no 115, egypt, Egypt
We are The first company in Egypt specialized in innovation and design and implementation of all glass solutions for all glass systems of (fixed and movable glass doors and glass walls, shower cabins, glass facades, spider systems, handrail, art decorations glass), and we are among companies Green line Company Which is Leader in glass accessories and owner of GL brand....

Founded Infinity in 2011, the company one of the Green Line companies for Glass Accessories that owner of the GL , BM brands and other brands
The decision to establish the Infinity glass solutions company after the success of a Green Line company in the activity of combinations of glass and implementation of several mega-projects
decided opening Infinity company to be the first company in Egypt specialized in innovation and design, supply and implementation of all different glass systems , which helps to make optimal use of the space with the vision transparent (glass doors and glass walls fixed and movable and folding systems , shower cabins , glass facades ,spider systems , handrails, art glass decoration systems, pools swimming with different systems cosmetics, sauna and Jacuzzi, the latest trend in the glass kitchen decoration , applications household with different glass systems bishop and domes glass and poly carbonate) using the latest and best glass accessories within teams and combinations trained engineers and technicians to achieve our vision in Architectural Technology Glass
According to the We are an integral part of the Green Line for import and export of glass accessories leader in the Middle East, we are on firm ground and surrounded by strong achievements in this field in the Middle East so ,
- All of our works with warranty and maintenance
- We help our customers in choosing the right design
- Always strive to achieve the trust with our customers by adhering to the terms of our contract
- Always strive to be the appropriate prices and customer satisfaction in the first place and say everything
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