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Information Based Architecture

Information Based Architecture

Mark Hemel - Barbara Kuit, partners of IBA welcome you to their website: 'If you have an idea for a building project that you would like to develop, but not yet sure which architect to choose?'... 'After having designed one of the world's tallest towers we are often asked what we would like to do next?' 'Well.... it might surprise you, but we would love to design something much smaller, a pavilion or a singular family-house or villa. Something in which we can explore design at another scale which relates to people's lifes in a different way... " bigger is not nessesarily better, it is much more about the sensitive touch of an architect." Mark Hemel in the observation box of the Canton Tower clients input We listen to clients... since we know that in order to come to exceptional architecture, as a designer, you need to work well with the client. It has to click.... Architecture entails substantial financial investments, so it is important to feel you can trust each-other to make sure that this investment will pay off and enrich the lives of the people that will make use of the building over time. Not all clients realize that the quality of architecture depends to a large degree also on the client itself. It has to do with taste, trust and cooperation. If a client strives to something exceptional, as architects we will help to achieve his or her ideals. So if you are planning to build a new house or you may have another building project you would like to discuss, then please do contact us for a first discussion. 'If you want to know what we can do for you?'... then please send us an email at office@iba-bv.com We are happy to meet for an initial talk.
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