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Integral Group is an interactive global network of mechanical, electrical, plumbing and energy engineers collaborating under a single deep green building services engineering umbrella. We specialize in the design of simple, elegant, cost-effective systems for a wide variety of project types: residential, mixed use, critical environments (cleanrooms, laboratories, and data centers) industrial facilities, office buildings, educational facilities, civic and commercial buildings. We also provide businesses and utilities with comprehensive analyses of installations that help prioritize their energy saving potential. With a staff of over 280 located in fifteen offices across the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, Integral Group is regarded as an innovative leader in building system design. Integral Group is committed to technical accuracy, quality control, and reliable high performance systems which are evidenced in each project. We recognize the importance of providing our clients with the necessary services and resources to increase efficiencies and longevity of their systems, while mitigating long-range costs. These services include design, feasibility studies, sustainable master planning, community-and district-scale energy system design based on low-carbon, renewable energy sources, peer reviews, energy audits, construction administration, and commissioning. Additionally, we implement a technically innovative approach to defining clients’ requirements and providing a fully integrated product that supports their business objectives.
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