Beautiful furniture studio Interia is made for pleasure. Or rather, in order to please our customers.

Interia is a Ukrainian manufacturing company founded in 2012 by Evgeniy Paliy , who is also the head. The studio (showroom) is located in Kiev, the production is in Chernigov. For Eugene Interia became the second furniture company, and the experience of creating the first allowed him to eliminate many mistakes. Product quality, service, deadlines fulfillment - these are the dogmas of the company, these are self-evident properties. We are constantly learning and growing internally. We never shy away from responsibility, we admit if we are wrong and correct the shortcomings as quickly as possible, if any. We hear, listen and change for the better.

The main direction is the production of upholstered furniture, namely sofas (including armchairs, poufs) and beds . You can also order interior items from us , such as coffee tables, consoles, paintings, chairs. For the convenience of our customers, we also have mattresses . Almost all products are made to order, the production time depends on the workload of production. This term can always be clarified with our managers, the term is fixed in the contract, and, as already mentioned, it is truly important for us to execute.

We openly admit that we often borrow designs. We are not proud of this. But we are proud that we already have models of sofas, beds, coffee tables, developed by talented Ukrainian designers. And the design of these products is recognized far beyond the borders of our country. We are always open to cooperation and new ideas.

We are not chasing volumes and sizes - the atmosphere does not scale. The studio of beautiful furniture Interia is distinguished by its intimacy, its ideology of a family company, where each employee is something more than just an employee, each customer is, first of all, an individuality, and each product made is the same favorite sofa, bed, table ... :)