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Manufacturers from Ortsstraße 4a, Löberschütz, Germany
inVENTer - Tradition since 1999

The inVENTer GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of decentralized ventilation systems with heat recovery in Germany. Our solutions for a controllable ventilation of living spaces are successfully installed all over Europe thousands of times.
The eco-friendly ventilation systems are displaying our aspiration for sustainability in every single product of ours. For 16 years now, we are developing and creating products to provide ingeniously easy ventilation for our customers. Our contribution for healthy air in your home.

An original is born

The origin of a great product is a simple and simultaneously brilliant idea. Our Ventilation units’ core idea came to be in the inventive mind of Perter Moser, founder of the inVENTer GmbH. His goal was to produce a ventilation system with heat recovery without making use of the usual aluminium thermal accumulator. A simple and effective alternative was in demand.

The solution was literally very close- namely, in Peter Moser’s desk drawer. In said drawer, he kept a ceramic honeycomb. A natural characteristic of ceramic is to accumulate heat very easily. Furthermore the honeycomb consists of 80% air and 20% ceramic. Therefore it is able to maintain a high airflow with an equally effective heat accumulation- with only very little technical expenses.

The idea was very promising and was consequently brought to life. Ever since then the ceramic heat accumulator is the core piece to every inVENTer ventilation unit. It is 20% more effective than aluminium strips and is not flapping while in use.
Silent as a whisper, innovative and ingeniously easy- the inVENTer ventilation systems will bring our inventive minds into your wall.
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