Isabelle Stanislas Architecture
Isabelle Stanislas Architecture

Isabelle Stanislas Architecture

Architects from 7 rue d'Aboukir , PARIS, France
“Architecture is a question of equilibrium. One must respect
a space’s heritage, creating new dimensions, whilst still integrating features from its past ”.
Clear lines, lithe perspectives, and the mastering of space. Isabelle Stanislas’ projects all strive for this equilibrium. It’s a unique approach to interior design, where architecture always takes precedent over decoration, without being too restrictive. Newly graduated from l’Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Isabelle Stanislas was soon noticed for her work on various artistic projects, displaying an open attitude to diverse forms of creative expression. In 2003, her work for the Zadig & Voltaire boutiques demonstrated her main artistic vision, founded on the rationalization of space, flow, heritage and the use of raw colours. This is a philosophy that she has continued to develop, notably through So-An, which she founded in 2006.
Influenced by the work of Tadao Ando, Renzo Piano and Louis Khan, Isabelle Stanislas has developed her “artistic philosophy of structure” over many successful projects. Through manipulating scale, volume and space with inserts of monolithic blocks, Stanislas looks to pacify the area she is working on, whilst always respecting its unique identity. Period features are often kept, and brought back to life through the use of light and contemporary materials, such as steel, concrete and stone. With a constant dialogue between interior and exterior, Isabelle Stanislas’ vision offers a new take on a space, and reestablishes its relationship with the past, the present and the future.
This approach is also apparent in Isabelle’s furniture design, a logical progression from her architectural endeavors. In no way striving to be spectacular, her design instead plays with light and space to find the perfect balance – this equilibrium that is at the centre of her vision. Interiors take shape through this use of space too, echoed in the minimal decoration and colour scheme that favours the use of one main colour, along with black and white.
Far from fashion and trends, Isabelle Stanislas’ work occupies a truly unique place in the contemporary design landscape, and remains true to the architectural principals of volumes, perspective and the optimization of light... For each project, a perfect balance between history, the space’s identity and her own style is achieved.
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