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ITAR Architectures

Architects from 47 rue des Tournelles, Paris, France
Since its inception in 2006, ITAR creates living spaces with sensitivity and discernment. Each project is an opportunity to implement structural choices tailored to different programs, to propose a sensible use of materials and a thoughtful integration sites respecting the often tight budgets. This reflection on contextualization, light, space and functional organization produces for every situation a unique history, especially in collective housing operations - special research area of ​​the agency - to deliver a true quality Life residents. The apartments are created most often a double or a triple orientation and generous terraces protected vis-à-vis that establish a special relationship of intimacy in public space.

His latest achievements delivered in central Paris show that the joints are designed to create subtle urban and architectural continuity with delicate hooks to existing buildings. A material distinction is proposed to enhance the geometries designed in line with the uses, both front and inside living spaces. ITAR enthusiastically discusses the themes of the dense city, taking into account urban renewal and sustainable development. From the order of desire, design elements constituting the city goes along with the pleasure of the anchor in the real and handling multiple constraints.
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