Iterare arquitectos
Iterare arquitectos

Iterare arquitectos

Architects from Carrer de la Barraca, València, Spain
Founded by architects Rubén Gutiérrez and Pedro Ponce, Iterare takes its name from a term on the basis of the fractal geometry discovered by mathematician Benoît Mandelbrot. It explains the geometry governing nature and the one that explains how is she able to reach a complete definition at any scale. The self-resemblance that exists on nature starts with a single iteration, or copy, and continue this repetition enlessly giving birth to the wonderful deepeness of the universe. To iterate represents for the studio a particular approach to the problem of architecture and design, and in a broader sense, to the dwelling itself.

This intuition that makes us imitate the nature´s growing processes on our human behaviour, stops us from the superfluous deviation towards trends, systems, ideas or creativity itself. Thus we follow a process of systematic debugging in an endless search for flawless thought and practice, not stopping when achieving a style, a working method, or a partial answer.
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