Jersey Lomellina S.p.A.

Manufacturers from Carvico, Italy
Innovative technology, quality without compromise and research into style: these are the key words that for over 30 years have been the hallmark of the identity and success of Jersey Lomellina SpA, international leaders in the circular knit fabrics industry.
Jersey Lomellina’s mission is to offer the market fabrics designed for underwear, sportswear, swimwear and leisure wear that provide the wearer with a feeling of wellbeing and comfort combined with elegance and style.

The impressive results obtained stem from the clarity of the targets to be achieved and daily commitment on several fronts: the choice of innovative materials with ever-better performance, ideal for products that are ahead of the fashion trends.

Great attention is paid to every detail at all stages of the production process where meticulous checks and selective tests are carried out to ensure that the fabrics offered by the company are of the highest quality.

In addition, a logistics and commercial structure that can deliver the wide range of available fabrics anywhere in the world in just a few days means that for both big textile companies and small clothing manufacturers, Jersey Lomellina is a dependable point of reference enabling them to put garments on the market that satisfy even the most savvy and demanding customers.
Jersey Lomellina’s leading role in the textile industry makes its strong commitment to eco-sustainability of the entire production process, as shown by its investments in eco-friendly practices, even more significant. Reducing impact on the surrounding area, energy saving and the greatest attention to working conditions are non-negotiable choices for Jersey Lomellina and the concrete expression of its "Green Vision".
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