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Architects from 5 Planchonella Close, Edge Hill , Australia
In 2013 Jesse Bennett established a small architecture and interior design firm, with the philosophy of creating joyful places and spaces that inspire and enrich daily life. The firm is best described as a tight-knit husband and wife team working in collaboration with a network of skilled local craftsmen and engineers. The firm has completed a variety of commercial and residential projects including restaurants and retail spaces- and has recently launched a line of handcrafted fittings and fixtures. Jesse is both a registered Architect and Builder, and his background includes working at leading architectural and design firms, as well as alongside esteemed architect,Drew Heath.

Anne-Marie Campagnolo is an Interior Designer with a background in corporate communications and marketing. Her experience brings a fresh design perspective and practical understanding of client requirements to the team. In 2015, their project ‘Planchonella House’ gained much attention after nabbing the cover of Houses Magazine (June 2015), as well as numerous awards from the Australian Institute of Architects- most notably the ‘Robin Dods Award for Residential Architecture Houses (new)’.

Planchonella House demonstrates the firm’s ability to create striking yet refined spaces with remarkable attention to detail that also embrace climatic and passive design principles. Jesse and Anne-Marie are looking forward to expanding their firm in the coming years, in particular their fitting and fixtures line which is soon to include a range of hand crafted furniture.

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