JHY Architect & Associates
JHY Architect & Associates

JHY Architect & Associates

Architects from 3F, 72-19,, Seoul, South Korea
JHY is the architectural office interested in "the principle of generation" in individual space, architecture and city itself. We try to find a desirable link between architecture and life through redefinition a pattern of our life as well as architectural language which specify our life. We communicate with various disciplines to find the better link and well organized design. JHY based on the rationality and questions to ordinary things focuses on the unity and simplicity behind of our lives and surroundings. The principle of generation which comes from the unity and the simplicity applies on each project we propose in boundless design field.
JHY indulges in an urban context, architectures and form in seoul. History and diversity of seoul is an important platform to produce our idea and identity. We try to keep reading and understanding our city "Seoul" to find any other way to make it better.
JHY has become a korea partner of JFA(Jacques ferrier architecture) since 2012. We pursues new architecture through graft with a french architectural firm JFA(Jacques ferrier architecture)
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JHY Architect & Associates South Korea
3F, 72-19,, Seoul, South Korea