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Karen Smuland Architect

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Karen Smuland is a registered architect and LEED AP in Bend, Oregon, who specializes in the design of custom homes, remodels and additions. Karen is committed to creating each home to be a distinctive place that not only meets your needs, lifestyle and values, but ultimately improves your daily living experiences as well as your property’s value.

What Makes Us Better?
Full services from Design through Construction- Explorative design process results in unique and previously unconsidered options; construction team-approach includes the builder early-on in the process and ensures that construction runs smoothly and on budget.

Design philosophy - In-depth site analysis that helps to integrate the home into the landscape. Bringing the beauty of spatial qualities such as form, scale, proportion, harmony and day-lighting into the environment while also maximizing the efficiency of all spaces. Consideration of the circulation flow and how views change while one moves through a space

Streamlined and enjoyable design and building process - Collaborative design approach ensures you are getting the home that YOU want, as well as being an enjoyable experience.
Starting with a detailed questionnaire, moving though conceptual sketches to highly detailed construction drawings. Leading the decision-making process through construction while also ensuring the builder is following the plans.

Cutting-edge 3D software with BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology - Essential for walk-through and fly-around studies: from conceptual and solar, to more complex building information and material and color options.

Your builder or our recommended builders – Leading the contractor selection process either by making recommendations or working with the builder of your choice.

Energy-Efficiency and Green Building – Extensive knowledge of sustainable design strategies ensures that your home will be durable, efficient and therefore less expensive to maintain. LEED AP certification to provide services for any type of sustainable building program, including LEED and Earth Advantage.
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