Kennerly Architecture & Planning
Kennerly Architecture & Planning

Kennerly Architecture & Planning

Architects from 375 Alabama Street; Suite 440, San Fransisco, United States
Established in 1999, Kennerly Architecture & Planning is a San Francisco based design firm practicing architecture, interior design and master-planning in urban and rural environments. Our projects include single family homes, multi-family infill developments, and complex mixed-use and commercial buildings.

While we bring a fresh approach to every project, our designs are grounded in a set of core principals:

We conceive buildings as experiences not merely artifacts- this endeavor integrates structure, space, light, and material to maximize comfort, utility, and expression.
Architecture should reveal and exploit inherent qualities of its context- be it topography, climate, view, existing structures, clients’ or users’ needs and associations.
No project is an island but part of a larger whole. As such, our projects employ environmentally sustainable approaches derived from local vernacular traditions and developed in collaboration with consulting engineers and specialists.
Each project is a rich collaboration with the clients and end-users, resulting in unique and integrated design solutions. This process is enabled by thorough analysis of constraints and opportunities, transparent communication, and diligent follow-through with project delivery, details and construction.

Projects take form through the use of drawings, physical and electronic models and other media, the intent of which is clarity, understanding and resolution.

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